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AKoff Music Composer Icon AKoff Music Composer Version 2.0
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AKoff Music Composer software is designed to recognize a polyphonic musical signal from an audio source, and convert it to a MIDI score. Now one can compose music without MIDI keyboard, and even without knowledge of notes or how to play any musical instrument. It is as easy as humming a tune into a microphone and AKoff Music Composer does ALL the rest. AKoff Music Composer will take into consideration individual performance style tracking note dynamics and pitch bends.

Recognition dialog:

Recognition Dialog

Recognition features:

  • Coverts polyphonic music from pre-recorded WAVE files or directly from audio input of your sound card in real-time.
  • Tracking note dynamics and pitch bends.
  • Digitally uses different harmonic models to improve recognition of different instruments.
  • High frequency harmonics filtering.
  • Restriction of recognized pitch range.
  • Manual or automatic noise sensitivity control.
  • Playback window (main):

    Main Window

    Playback features:

  • PCM WAVE files playing.
  • Standard MIDI files playing.
  • Muting and Soloing MIDI Tracks.
  • Changing MIDI track name, instrument, volume and pan.
  • MIDI track deleting.
  • New MIDI file settings (Tempo and Timebase).
  • Sync WAVE and MIDI playback.
    How It Works?

    Composer analyzes a stream of audio signals from pre-recorded WAVE files or directly from audio input of your sound card in real-time. It can be sound from microphone, linear input or audio CD.

    Composer normally recognizes polyphonic music with one instrument or voice. This means you won't get the appropriate results if you try to recognize many instruments playing at the same time especially with drums. Composer determines note dynamics and frequencies and translates this information into MIDI events. Composer doesn't automatically recognize the types of sounding instruments. Moreover, human voice and instruments have various timbres and complicated harmonic components, therefore recognition accuracy depends on concrete instrument or singing style. Also the recognition is influenced by quality of WAVE recordings such as background noises and recording level.

    The complicated mathematical algorithms of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) require a great amount of calculations and consequently a fast computer. When recognizing audio input in real-time, Composer only works reliably on Pentium 150 and higher processors. On weaker machines, the incorrect working or dead halt of the program may occure, which is removed through pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del keys.

    During recognition the recorded notes are automatically shown on the graphic keyboard. After recognition is stopped, you can play and adjust the obtained melody. You can select the playback MIDI instrument, change octave and also try to correct music scale or use Pitch Bend Control. Further you can add the recorded track to the general list of MIDI tracks and then save the generated MIDI file. The last feature is accessible only in the registered version.

    If some notes are recognized incorrectly, you can open the saved file in any MIDI editor and manually correct your score. If you have MIDI keyboard, it will be easier to play with keyboard entering results into MIDI editor. But if you aren't a musician, Composer will help you to record your own melody in a popular MIDI format using only your voice or your non-MIDI instrument.

    Wave to Midi Samples

    You can download and listen to source wave-files and recognized midi-results. Wave recording format is PCM 11025 Hz, 8-bits, mono.

    guitar.wav (43117 bytes, 3.9 seconds) converted to guitar.mid (320 bytes)

    piano.wav (35664 bytes, 3.2 seconds) converted to piano.mid (259 bytes)

    voice.wav (44122 bytes, 3.9 seconds) converted to voice.mid (298 bytes)

    whistle.wav (39534 bytes, 3.5 seconds) converted to whistle.mid (239 bytes)

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